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Sytronix Workstation

Workstation PCs

Sytronix workstations provide unbeatable performance for high intensity workloads and are commonly used for video editing, 3D design, engineering, game development and much more.

Commonly including AMD Threadripper, EPYC and Intel Xeon CPU's along with multiple Nvidia 4090s, L40S, RTX ADA series, and AMD W7800, W7900 GPU's. Sytronix workstations are well equipped to handle any workload thrown at them, even holding benchmarking records in some of the most demanding software applications.

Our workstations come in all shapes and sizes and we will work with you to ensure that your system is the best possible configuration for your workload and budget.

CPU Compute Servers

Sytronix CPU compute servers are some of the highest performing CPU systems on the planet, providing mind-blowing performance for a very modest price.

These systems excel at 3D rendering, CFD, FEA, Multi Physics simulations, big data analytics, science simulations, data compiling, virtualisation and much more.


All Sytronix CPU servers come with ECC RAM as standard and use market leading CPUs, ensuring the very best performance possible with current technologies. 

Every CPU server is optimised for your specific workloads for no additional cost, resulting in Sytronix servers achieving an average of 30% more performance when compared to competing off the shelf products.

Dual Epyc Server
Nvidia GPUs

GPU Compute &
Virtualisation Servers

Sytronix GPU servers deliver incredible results for accelerated computing workloads such as CGI rendering, artificial intelligence, deep learning and virtualisation.

Virtualisation allows you to divide a physical server into multiple virtual machines, meaning that an entire workforce can operate from a single server which will maximise hardware utilisation and reduce power consumption.

All Sytronix GPU servers use only the highest quality components such as Nvidia and AMD datacentre GPUs, as well as ECC RAM, AMD Threadripper and EPYC CPUs, ensuring incredible performance and long term reliability. 

CPU Render Server

Check out our world class record breaking render servers. These servers hold numerous rendering records in workloads like VRay, Corona, Blender and many others.

These servers are designed to be industry leading with power consumption and performance.

AMD Epyc CPU 9754 for rendering
Sytronix NAS server

NAS Servers

Sytronix NAS servers are incredibly customisable and versatile storage devices, accommodating any kind of workflow from video editing to general office data storage.

We will work with you to determine the exact configuration that will suit your needs, avoiding you wasting time and money by purchasing unsuitable hardware.


All Sytronix NAS servers have pro features unlocked as standard, giving users access to advanced functionality and performance unseen elsewhere in the industry.

Sytronix NAS servers have the option of including powerful CPUs or even GPUs, allowing for video compression/rendering, virtualisation, cloud storage, web hosting and much more.

AI Servers

AI and ML Server Solutions

At Sytronix, we pride ourselves on offering a comprehensive range of servers tailored for artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) applications. Whether you need cutting-edge performance, custom solutions, or scalable options, we have the perfect server to meet your needs.


Wide Variety of Servers from Leading Vendors

We provide an extensive selection of servers from top-tier vendors, ensuring you have access to the latest and most reliable technology:


  • AMD

  • Intel

  • Ampere

Custom-Built Servers with Advanced GPU Options

Our in-house manufacturing capabilities allow us to create bespoke servers equipped with the latest GPUs to suit any AI or ML workload:

NVIDIA GPUs: H100, L40S, RTX A6000 Ada, and more.

AMD GPUs: W7900, MI series, and other high-performance options. 

Additional Hardware: Intel and Ampere GPUs and CPUs available upon request.


Tailored Solutions for Specific Workloads

We specialize in designing and manufacturing servers customized for specific workloads and unique requirements. Our expertise extends to various hardware vendors and large data centers. If you have specialized needs, our team can develop a server solution that precisely fits your operational demands.


Our Capabilities Include:

Custom Design: We can engineer servers tailored to your specific AI and ML workloads, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency.

Scalability: From single-unit setups to large-scale data center deployments, our servers are designed to scale with your growing needs.

Reliability: Built with enterprise-grade components, our servers offer maximum uptime and durability.

Expert Support: Our team of experts is available to consult on the best configurations and solutions for your unique requirements.

Contact Us to Learn More

Whether you are looking for a specific server configuration or need a partner to help you design a customized solution, Sytronix is here to assist. Speak to us today to discover more about our manufacturing and design capabilities for AI and ML.

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