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Innovating High-Performance Computing

At Sytronix, we are at the forefront of high-performance computing technology, delivering advanced solutions that power industries across the globe. From artificial intelligence and scientific computing to digital content creation and cryptocurrency mining, our hardware is engineered to meet the most demanding workloads with unrivaled efficiency and reliability.

What Sets Us Apart

  • Advanced Engineering: Each Sytronix server integrates cutting-edge technology from the industry's leading brands, including AMD Threadripper/EPYC, Intel Xeon CPUs, and state-of-the-art GPUs from Nvidia and AMD. Our systems are designed to deliver exceptional performance.

  • Customization Without Compromise: We believe in a tailored approach—every server is customized at no additional cost to meet the specific demands of your applications. This personalized engineering allows our servers to outperform standard solutions by an average of 30%, enhancing your productivity and efficiency.

  • Versatility and Innovation: Our GPU servers support a wide range of applications, from complex multi-physics simulations to high-rate cryptocurrency mining, ensuring robust virtualization and optimal resource allocation.

  • Cooling and Reliability: Choose from an array of cooling options to maintain optimal temperatures for power-dense configurations, ensuring sustained high performance and reliability.


Design and Sustainability

Sytronix has recently expanded its innovative capabilities by designing custom server cases. This advancement is supported by our CAD designers who bring specialized expertise to our product development team. These bespoke cases are manufactured on site, utilizing CNC laser cutting, punching, pressing and bending. Our production methods underscore our commitment to supporting local businesses and promoting sustainability in our production processes. By utilizing local resources, we minimize our environmental impact while fostering community growth and resilience.


Global Collaboration for Next-Generation Technology

Sytronix is actively collaborating with international companies to prepare for the next generation of hardware. This global partnership approach combines our green practices with access to some of the best minds and companies in the wider industry. This strategic collaboration enables us to develop cutting-edge products that push the boundaries of what is possible, ensuring that we continue to deliver the very best solutions to our customers.


Commitment to Excellence

Our commitment goes beyond simply selling products. Sytronix is dedicated to creating solutions that not only meet but exceed the technological needs of today while anticipating the innovations of tomorrow. With every product designed for maximum scalability and adaptability, we ensure your investment continues to meet your needs as your business grows.


Experience the Sytronix Advantage

Unlock the full potential of your data center with solutions that bring unparalleled computational power and flexibility. Contact Sytronix for a consultation to discover how our tailored systems and innovative case designs can elevate your operational efficiency.

Why Sytronix?

Meet The Team

James Walsh director

James Walsh

Managing Director

Kerensa Hughes director

Kerensa Hughes

Technical Director

Our Happy Clients

Philip Scott

Daylight Compute Ltd

Sytronix are expert engineers who not only know their business, but will serve customers with the right equipment. They work hard and really seek to understand what the customer requires. Their systems are reliable and they act with integrity and speed. We are happy to give them full marks without any hesitation.

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