Why Sytronix?

With decades of experience working in the high performance computing sector, Sytronix staff have a wealth of knowledge that is utilised to design IT hardware of the highest quality. Sytronix strives to provide it's customers with equipment that will give unbeatable performance for a competitive price. All Sytronix equipment has pro features unlocked as standard, giving users access to advanced functionality and performance unseen elsewhere in the industry.

Every customer's needs are different which is why Sytronix aims to provide an unbeatable customer experience that will instil confidence in your equipment being fully optimised for your current and future needs. Simply let Sytronix know your requirements or what you hope to achieve and customised hardware will be designed for you at no additional cost.

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NAS machine drive bays
An NS-4C NAS machine
A computer technician building a NAS machine
A member of staff talking on the phone
The internals of a NAS showing a GPU and network card
The internals of a NAS showing the motherboard