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1U CPU compute server
  • CPU Compute Server

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    Revolutionize Your Data Center with Leading-Edge Technology

    Our cutting-edge compute servers, powered by the latest generation AMD EPYC CPUs - the 9684X, 9654, and 9754, are engineered to handle the most demanding data workloads. These servers deliver unprecedented performance, scalability, and efficiency, providing a groundbreaking solution for complex computational tasks in high-performance environments.

    AMD EPYC 9684X, 9654, and 9754: A Leap in Processor Innovation

    • Scalability and Flexibility: Experience massive parallel computing power with up to 256 cores and 512 threads in the EPYC 9754 dual socket solutions. Built on AMD's innovative Zen 4 architecture, these CPUs provide robust support for multi-threaded applications and virtualization.
    • Enhanced Memory Capabilities: Enjoy faster data processing with support for up to 12 channels of DDR5 memory, enabling higher frequencies and greater bandwidth for quicker access and more efficient execution of memory-intensive applications.
    • Superior I/O Throughput: With PCIe 5.0 support, double the data transfer rate of previous generations, allowing for optimal connectivity and bandwidth for storage and network-intensive tasks.
    • Advanced Security Features: Safeguard your data and applications with AMD's Secure Encrypted Virtualization (SEV) and Secure Nested Paging (SNP), providing an added layer of security right from the hardware level.

    Optimized for Versatility and Performance

    Our servers excel in various applications, from virtualized environments and cloud computing to advanced analytics and database management. Deploy enterprise applications, conduct scientific research, or run big data analytics with reliability and performance.

    Tailored Performance with Sytronix Custom Configuration

    Unlock Superior Server Performance at No Extra Cost

    At Sytronix, we understand that each business has unique computing needs. We offer bespoke server configurations for every system we sell, ensuring your hardware is fully optimized for the specific workloads you handle. Our custom optimization process harnesses the full potential of the AMD EPYC 9684X, 9654, and 9754 CPUs, delivering on average 30% more performance compared to equivalent off-the-shelf products—without any additional cost.

    Benefits of Optimized Server Solutions

    • Enhanced Productivity: Our servers handle more transactions, execute faster analytics, and increase throughput, significantly reducing data processing time.
    • Cost Efficiency: Reduce energy consumption and eliminate the need for over-provisioning with servers precisely configured for optimal performance.
    • Scalability and Future-Proofing: As your business grows, our tailored servers scale to meet increasing demands, extending the lifecycle of your investment.

    Sytronix Servers: Powering Industry-Leading Performance

    Winning Performance Across Multiple Disciplines

    Our CPU servers set the standard for power and performance, holding multiple records on prestigious benchmarking sites like VRAY and Blender. This makes them ideal for a wide range of demanding applications:

    • CGI Rendering: Deliver faster rendering times and superior image quality for creative professionals.
    • Engineering Simulations: Excel in complex simulations for FEA, CFD, and multiphysics, providing engineers with the accuracy and speed needed for sophisticated modeling.
    • Data Compilation: Ensure quick processing and compilation of vast datasets, crucial for data analytics and scientific research.

    Explore the Potential of Sytronix Servers

    Discover how our record breaking servers can transform your computational capabilities to meet the demands of your specific applications.

    At Sytronix, we are dedicated to pioneering environmentally sustainable computing solutions. Our diverse lineup of CPU servers is meticulously designed and developed in-house by our seasoned team of experts. By manufacturing many components locally within the UK and Europe, we ensure our servers are significantly more eco-friendly compared to other offerings in the region.

    We take a stand against the inefficiency of global part production, choosing instead to focus on local manufacturing. This commitment not only reduces our carbon footprint but also enhances the performance of our systems. Our servers are fine-tuned to excel in demanding tasks, achieving superior performance without an increase in power consumption.

    Our production processes are deeply integrated with our environmental ethos. By crafting our server chassis directly onsite, we eliminate the need for long-distance transportation of heavy materials, further reducing our ecological impact. We strictly avoid outsourcing pollution, maintaining our operations in regions with stringent environmental regulations like the UK.

    Innovation extends to our cooling technologies as well. Working both independently and alongside other industry leaders, we develop cutting-edge cooling solutions, from immersive cooling to advanced air and water systems. These efforts are part of our broader initiative to create servers that are not only powerful and efficient but also fundamentally aligned with our vision for a sustainable future.

    Contact Us Today

    Contact our sales team for a detailed consultation and discover the perfect configuration to match your needs.

    • Service contracts

      Sytronix provides an optional service contract to customers who would like tech support and hassle free configuration of their hardware.

      For more information about service contracts please call email

    • Warranty

      Sytronix provides a 3 year hardware warranty with all CPU servers.  

    • Refunds & returns policy

      You may return your hardware up to 14 days from time of purchase. Please note additional shipping costs to return products to Sytronix may apply if you wish to cancel an order.

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