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Array or L40S GPUs
  • AI GPU Server 8X Nvidia L40S

    Excluding VAT

    AI Server for Training Complex Models

    Introducing our top-of-the-line AI server, designed for the rigorous demands of training and inference of AI and machine learning models. This powerhouse server is equipped with the latest hardware to ensure maximum performance and reliability.

    Key Specifications:

    • CPUs: Dual AMD EPYC 9654 CPUs, offering exceptional processing power with advanced multi-threading capabilities, perfect for handling large-scale AI workloads.
    • GPUs: 8 x NVIDIA L40S 48GB GPUs, delivering unparalleled parallel processing performance, essential for deep learning and complex model training tasks.
    • Memory: 768GB DDR5 4800 RAM, providing ample high-speed memory to support intensive data processing and model training operations.
    • Storage: 2 x 3.84TB enterprise-class NVMe SSDs, ensuring ultra-fast data access and storage, essential for large datasets and rapid model iteration.

    Additional Features:

    • Form Factor: Compact and robust 4U chassis, designed to fit into standard data center racks while maximizing airflow and cooling efficiency.
    • Cooling: Advanced water-cooled CPUs, ensuring optimal thermal management and sustained performance even under heavy computational loads.
    • Power Supply: Redundant PSUs, providing high availability and ensuring uninterrupted power to your critical operations.
    • Networking: High-speed networking capabilities with a 10GbE NIC for fast data transfer and low-latency communication. Additionally, dual 1GbE NICs are available for versatile networking options.
    • Management: BMC/IPMI management port (1GbE) for remote monitoring and management, ensuring you can maintain and troubleshoot your server with ease.
    • Compatibility: Fully PCIe 5 compatible, offering future-proofing and support for the latest peripherals and expansion cards.

    Why Choose This AI Server?

    • Performance: With the combination of AMD EPYC CPUs and NVIDIA GPUs, this server is built to deliver exceptional performance for the most demanding AI and ML workloads.
    • Reliability: Enterprise-grade components and redundant power supplies ensure maximum uptime and reliability.
    • Scalability: Designed to grow with your needs, supporting additional storage and networking options as your requirements evolve.
    • Manageability: Comprehensive remote management capabilities make it easy to monitor and control your server, reducing downtime and maintenance efforts.

    Customization Options:

    We understand that different projects have unique requirements. If you need different features or additional specifications, please contact us to discuss customization options. Our team is ready to help you build the perfect solution for your AI and ML needs.

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