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High Performance Computing, AI, CGI and Server Manufacturing

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About Us

Sytronix, based in Lancashire, is a leading manufacturer of high-performance compute servers, specializing in AI, rendering, HPC, and passive income applications. We also produce top-tier workstations and data storage servers. Our expertise lies in designing and manufacturing custom servers for IT companies and data centers with specific needs. As a premium company, Sytronix is dedicated to delivering the highest quality computer hardware on the market, coupled with an unparalleled customer experience.

Epyc CPU 9654 and Motherboard

What our customers say about us...

Philip Scott

Daylight Compute Ltd

Sytronix are expert engineers who not only know their business, but will serve customers with the right equipment. They work hard and really seek to understand what the customer requires. Their systems are reliable and they act with integrity and speed. We are happy to give them full marks without any hesitation.

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At Sytronix we are partnered with a wide variety of different companies ranging from CGI studios, to big tech companies like AMD and Nvidia. Our partners work in fields from science and engineering to video editing and running AI SaaS platforms. We are also partnered with a wide variety of data centres and hardware rental providers. Check out our services pages to find out more about our partners and services. 

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